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nChant Interactive is a mobile game development company located in Seoul, Korea currently working on 3 projects which will be released soon. We started from July, 2014 and now we have 20 employees and one additional art family member working remotely from Australia to bring the global art concept.


We are trying to bring out the fun games as well as fun environment


We have been looking for people who can actually be crazy about making games.


We have teams with more than 5 mobile games launched.


What else is more important than that?

Toy Race

Germany, 1990. A rambunctious little girl was living on the outskirts of Stuttgart. Colette grew up playing with machines and rockets in her father's lab. One day, Colette's most beloved toy, Pluto, disappeared. She looked everywhere, not being able to sleep, and feeling sad. Colette felt she needed to cover more ground, so she picked up her rocket pack to continue her search. So the adventure begins!

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Curlliard is a simple and intuitive game, a combination of billiards and curling. Imagine curling on top a pool table, sending the stone to bounce off the pool table walls, and positioning the stone inside a target. Doesn't it sound like fun? Trust us. It's super fun. If you like billiards or pool, or have ever watched in awe at a curling event, Curlliards will not disappoint! Gameplay and objectives are simple, fun, and addictive. Rack up points and pit your skill against others. Curlliards is a game of skill and simple strategy. Show your curling, uh... pool... Hmm! Show us your Curlliard skills! Download today.

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Wanted Killer

가까운 미래, 무자비한 최대의 민간군사업체 BlackTarget을 해체하라!!! 2011년... 특수부대 군인 주축으로 민간군사업체(PMC : Private Military Company)가 생겨났다. BlackTarget, AQUMI, SandBlock, Labdon, Dyncap , Bullet-X 등의 PMC들이다. 용병(Contractor)은 국제법상 민간인이고, 군사법이 적용되지 않는다. 이라크, 리비아, 시리아, 우크라이나 내전에 투입 되었다. 2032년... 북유럽, 남아프리카, 서아시아 등에서 내전은 계속되고 있다. 정부군은 PMC를 고용해서 반란군을 대응하고 있다. 강대국은 자국민 대신 PMC를 고용해 개입을 하고 있다. PCM 산업의 부흥기로 BlackTarget은 기업형으로 성장하였다. 2048년... PMC는 돈의 힘으로 운영 되는 곳. 자비란 없다. 포로를 죽이고, 민간인을 사살하는 범죄급 악행이 심해지고 있다. 주인공 또한 PMC 용병에 의해 전쟁고아가 되었다. 2052년... BlackTarget의 숨겨진 주인은 엄청난 권력과 막대한 재력가가 되었다. 주인의 야망과 더 큰 이윤을 목표로 수백개의 PMC들을 합병하기 시작한다. BlackTarget은 용병공급, 무기연구, 무기제조, 군수운송, 군사용역 등 최대의 PMC가 되었다. 2067년 현재... 주인공은 PMC 해체가 목표인 비밀단체에서 BlackTarget에 맞서 작전을 수행하게 된다.

coming soon on Google Play and Appstore.

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Night Shift, Alice, Outer Space


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